Activation and Deactivation of Your Linked EOS ID

Free EOS Account Creation

BetHash will activate a free EOS account for each of our players on min. 2 USDT deposit.

Creation of a viable EOS account costs around 0.3 ~ 0.4 EOS at the moment. The cost changes with the price of EOS Ram.

Currently we are buying 3K Ram for each of our new account.

To check EOS Ram prices:

To know more about EOS account creation cost: EOS Account Cost Intro

Deactivate of the EOS Account

In order to protect the platform from abuse of our free EOS accounts giveaway, we will deactivate the bound EOS account: 1. if the player has NOT play for 15 days; 2. has less than 2 USD in the account.

On deactivation, the fund left in the EOS account will be stored, the VIP levels (only apply to Lv 0-2 players) will be reset.

Reactivate of the EOS Account

You can ask to bind a new EOS account (the account might be different with the previous one) by depositing more than 2 USDT(or equal value).

Abuse of the Free EOS Account Giveaway

If we find abuse of the free EOS account giveaway, we will try to deduct 2 USDT(or equal value of tokens) from your withdrawal to cover the cost. This charge will appear as EOS Account Abuse Cost in the log.

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