Hash Banker Bull

The Bull Game

At Hash Banker Bull, there will be 1 dealer, and 4 players, which are represented by Spade, Heart, Club and Diamond.

Each round of game runs 1 minute. During the game, players need to bet on 4 player position. Each Hand of the 4 player positions will be compared with the Dealer's Hand.

As the max payout multiple is 3, to ensure full payment, each round 3 times of the ante would be charged, the non-used part will be returned when the game is over.

How does the cards are fairly drawn?

Like all our games, Hash Banker Bull game uses 2 hex digits to determine a card (color and rank).

Decide a Card by Hash Value

Banker Bull game uses 5 blocks to generate all 25 cards.

Each block will produce 5 cards, one each for dealer, and the 4 players.

Because the blocks and their hash value are generated by EOS mainnet block producers, totally non-controllable by BetHash.io, the games absolute fairness are guaranteed.

It's intuitive to tell the cards according to the blockchain fall.

Bankroll (Beta)

1. There are 2% dilution fee that will rebate the dilution of their share to all previous bankrollers. So the earlier you invest in the bankroll, the more you will earn from the subsequent bankrollers. All dilution fee will go directly to previous bankrollers and the house will not profit from it.

2. The Bank Bull game currently have a house edge of 1.5% for players. The house will get 0.5%, the bankrollers will get 1%.

3. When a bankroller wants to devest, if he has profit, he has to pay 25% of the profit amount as commission.

4. If a bankroller's balance drops below 20% of the minimum investment amount, he/she will automatically be de-listed from the bankrollers.

How does the bankroll work?

The bankroll is the pool of money that the house uses to pay out winners that plays the game.

Right now we have Banker Bull. We will release more Banker games in the future so enjoy sharing the profit!

Players can bet on the house (i.e. become bankrollers), and their bet is added to the bankroll such that they win when the house wins and they lose when the house loses.

What is the bankroller dilution fee?

Every time you bet on the house, 2 % of your bet is paid out to the other bankrollers according to their stake in the bankroll.

Put another way, every time somebody else bets on the house, you are awarded a portion of their 2 % dilution fee.

For example, if you bet 1 BTC on the house, then 2 % (0.02 BTC) of your house bet is spread out among the other bankrollers, and the remaining 0.98 BTC is added to your stake.

To capitalize on the dilution fee system, you will want to bet as much as you can on the house as early as possible. As you maximize your stake, you maximize your claim on future dilution fees.

This is our way of rewarding long-time bankrollers. It's never too late to become one!

How much commission does the house take from bankrollers?

Every time a player makes a bet, 0.5% of house edge is awarded to the house as commission. The rest of the house edge is awarded to bankrollers. Right now Banker Bull has a house edge of 1.5%.

If an investor wants to devest from the bankroll with profit, 25% of the profits will be awarded to the house.

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