Referral System

A Effective Referral Relationship

If Tom invited Jack to sign up on BetHash, Jack's name will appear in Tom's affiliate page once Jack places any successful bet.

  • EOS Users: If you are an EOS user who would play via Scatter directly, all the commissions will be directly sent to your EOS account real time.

  • Registered Users: Registered users need to first activate the EOS account to get the referral link working and all the commissions will be sent to your linked EOS account real time.

    Registered users then can withdraw the commission anytime.

Referral System

BetHash gives you the opportunity to earn as much as 15% of the house edge on your referred users‘ bets, regardless whether they win or lose! The referral relationship is permanent and applied to all gaming activities on the BetHash website unless players enter the site again with another specified inviter.

E.g Tom was invited to play using Kitty’s referral link for the 1st time, thus by default Kitty earns Tom’s rebates when Tom plays. But if Tom plays using Jack’s referral link specifically later, his rebate will be credited to Jack’s account. If Tom enters the site without any referral specified, the rebate goes to Kitty’s.

BetHash has a similar reward system to Uber. When you invite a friend to hire an Uber, both you and your friend are rewarded. BetHash works just the same, but instead of a fixed reward per action, the amount of incentives both you and your invited friends receive is related to your reward tier and bet size!

Whenever your referral plays a game, your account will automatically be credited with the correct amount of commission (see below table). This process is handled by an EOS smart contract, ensuring all commissions are settled quickly and without issues.

Referral Tiers

The BetHash rewards system will reward differently according to the player’s VIP level, which is determined by the sum of the betting volume of the player himself and the volume generated of the invited friends who begins playing through the link.

The Referral system gives invitees and inviters benefit at the same time.

Player will receive Invitee rewards while inviters receive commission.

The higher your VIP Level is, the more rewards your referrals will earn, and the higher your commission!

Checking the required experience for each level, read Required Experience for VIP Levels

Details regarding your referrals, commission rates, rewards rate can be find in Affiliate page.

For example, Sam invited Jack to play on Sam is new as well. Jack played a bet of 100 EOS, which at an EOS price of 3 USDT is equal to a bet size of 300 USDT.

The amount of referral rewards Jack will receive can be calculated as follows:

Player rewards = House Edge* (0.3%*2 + 0.6%*18 + 0.9%* 280)/3 EOS = House Edge* 0.878 EOS

Sam, as the person who invited Jack, will receive 4x the Player Reward as Commission. Commission is always 4x the Player Reward, regardless of which Rewards Tier you are in.

Commission = House Edge* 4 * Player Rewards = House Edge* 3.512 EOS

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