How to Get Hash Token


  • Each HASH redeemed will add 30 seconds to the Jackpot timer, up to a maximum limit of 24 hours.

  • If time runs out, the last person who redeemed HASH will automatically receive 70% of the jackpot value, the remaining 30% in the jackpot be carried over to seed the next round.

  • The cost of buying HASH will increase linearly along the total number of keys sold.

  • Players who buy HASH from the current round, will be entitled to net profit generated by future HASH sales. 80% of the HPoint used to purchase HASH will be burned permanently, 10% will shared by previous HASH holders and the remaining 10% will be added to the final HASH jackpot.

  • For each round, the HASH price will be reset but the initial HASH price is increased linearly in relation to the number of rounds played.

The HASH Formula


  • For round 1, m = 1, 1st HASH price = 1 HPoint, 2nd HASH price = 1.00001 HPoint.

  • For round 2, m = 2, 1st HASH price = 1.414 HPoint, 2nd HASH price = 1.00004 HPoint.

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