HASH Token

HASH is the second token we issue, and acts as the official dividend payout token of the BetHash platform. Players can redeem HPoint via the GET HASH system in order to get HASH. HASH holders are entitled to two main additional benefits:

  1. A proportional share of the dividends pool after staking.

  2. On each HASH being purchased, a percentage of the sales (which is in HPoint) will be distributed among current round HASH buyers.

HASH Distribution

HASH’s max supply is 200 million and all HASH token are un-circulated in the beginning.

CategoryPercentageWhen to available for staking for dividends

Loyalty Rewards Program


when players redeem HPoint for HASH

Team Incentive


Synchronized unlocking with airdrop

Private Investors


Will be asked to stake upon sold and has a vesting period

Marketing, Partnership


Synchronized unlocking

Synchronized Unlocking Mechanism

In the very beginning, Team’s share of HASH token is un-circulated. It will become circulated along with the airdrop process, in proportion.

For example, when 1 HASH being redeemed by player, Team will unlock 3 HASH tokens according to the HASH distribution table.

Team will stake their token for dividend and use their portion of dividend to increase bankroll, maintain operation of the platform, to expand marketing reach, etc.

Private Investors

BetHash.io might consider sell HASH to resourceful private investors or investment institutions whose purpose is to grow with us long-term. The team does not have the plan to sell any investor stakes on second market. Upon sold the token will be staked for dividend and have a vesting period.

Please note as we adopt the synchronized unlocking mechanism, the amount of HASH token that can be sold at a time is capped to the amount in circulation. Aka, if there is only 10 HASH in circulation, the maximum amount can be sold is 10 HASH.

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