Signup Bonus

  • Upon successful registration, join our telegram group, follow us on Twitter and Retweet the pinned message, you will receive 100 HPoint to use for playing on BetHash. The bonus is non-transferable and non-withdraw-able.

  • No deposit needed

  • Receive the Bonus immediately after Customer Support confirmation

  • Profits can be redeemed to HASH, which can used to stake for dividend on or sell in exchange.

  • Exclusively for new users. The SIGNUP Bonus is only meant to be used for trying out BetHash Games. Currently we allow only one SIGNUP BONUS per IP address.

SIGNUP Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • By participating in the SIGNUP Bonus event, you hereby agree to comply and adhere to the following Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • The bonuses obtained from this campaign are non-withdraw-able and non-transferable

  • Involvement in any dishonest behavior or activities, such as multi-account registrations to churn bonuses, will result in an immediate termination and forfeiture of all bonuses & profile earned from all associated accounts. Currently we allow only one SIGNUP BONUS per IP address.

  • reserves the rights to amend the rules and regulations of this event.

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