Hash Lotto

House Edge: 1.9%

Payout on Win = (Bet Amount * Award Multiplier) * (1- House Edge)

How Often Does the Game Run?

BetHash Lottery is a once-per-minute game, running for a total of 1440 rounds per day, 365 days per year non-stop. You can bet on as many, or as few rounds as you like!

How are the Winning Numbers Generated?

Winning numbers are obtained from the latest transaction hash, with the last number from the end of this latest TxHash representing the winning number, the winning numbers are selected after each round ends. This system is fast, reliable and completely random, making it perfect for BetHash Lottery.

If the last digit is a number, it will be considered as a valid number, if not, the next TxHash will be considered, until all 5 numbers are generated. An EOS TxHash is a 32-bit ID randomly generated by a sophisticated encryption algorithm and normally shown as a hex value. Our drawing process takes advantage of this truly random computation process to ensure its fairness and transparency.

E.g. Consider the following consecutive blocks starting from 13:20:00:

(1)…def852eae078366377e8daf33b83066 5

(2)…0cb84b7ee118aeb2e8b6b1f53beed52 c (skipped)

(3)…95c5a8b2310d170cfb655c99ded8ecb 3

(4)…877f2313494cd4f9ac1bf0ac974add8 2

(5)…133ec94f894b1b632ae4856d105c2c5 5

(6)…203b77b226396d652623ffc50aafd24 9

Based on the above, the round result for bets placed from 13:19:00 is 53259.

Bet Time

The round number the bet belongs to is determined by the EOS block time that records the bet.

Example 1. If a user's bet is recorded on the EOS block with time 13:19:59.5, then he is betting in round #13:19:00, the winning number will be generated starting from 13:20:00.


Maximum Bet Size

Limit Per Order: Minimum: 0.1 EOS, Maximum = 5% * bankroll Amount/Win Multiplier Limit Per Round: There is also a maximum limit that can be placed by all players per round. The maximum bet amount that will be accepted by the system is equal to no more than 5% of the bankroll balance, this is to ensure the long-term viability of the platform.

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